Great Wall

Grade: A and Grade: A

PAUL OAKENFOLD Paul Oakenfold’s latest CD, Great Wall, actually features two discs within its case. On these albums, the world-famous DJ has included 19 of the dance remixes he plays in clubs this year. With over two hours of everything from fast-paced techno to relaxed trance, Great Wall does not disappoint.

The CD starts off with an unconventional but very driving bass beat and airy synthesizers dripping with atmosphere, only serving to warm the listener up for a series of tracks that get exponentially better. The third track, “Requiem for a Dream,” has a particularly awesome melody and harmony rhythm, and the remix of Madonna’s “Hollywood” is very well done, perhaps one of the best cuts on the album.

The second CD is the longer of the two and features one of Oakenfold’s own compositions, “Hypnotised.” It is not quite the better of the two CDs, however, with some tracks getting a little too repetitive at times. Others make up for these few annoying tracks with an epic feel to them such as “Imperpetuem Mobila” or piled-on attitude like “Pagan Poetry.” It’s still a good CD and it definitely adds to the whole package’s value.

Oakenfold, currently on tour, will be making a stop at the Metropolis in Cleveland on November 21st.