Classes fill up, students out of luck

It seems that the University is under a conspiracy to get as much money from each student as they can. Much of this money is a direct result of the way scheduling is structured.

Most of the time the University offers classes for majors with limited occupancies. The problem is that they only offer one section of classes per semester that students need.

How are juniors and seniors supposed to graduate on time if only one section of certain classes are offered?

For example, all accounting majors are required to take “Individual Income Taxation” in order to get an internship in their field. This class teaches students the skills they need for a lot of the work at their internships.

However this semester’s one section is already full and there are some juniors who still need to get into it. How is this fair of the University?

Print journalism major are experiencing the same situations. All the the print sequences are full and many students have gotten shut out of the classes they need.

It seems that the University purposely closes some important classes that students need in order to drain the most money from them.

It seems strange that the University wastes money on offering several sections of classes that will not benefit students in their majors. For example, next semester there are three sections of bowling. How many students at this University are bowling majors? Probably none.

The University needs to concentrate more of its efforts in seeing that students are on the right track from the beginning and that they will be able to get into the classes that they need in order to graduate in four year.

One way that we could correct this problem would be for students to work more closely with their advisers.

Advisers should sit down with each student during their freshman year to set up a four year plan in with each student, where each semester would be broken down by classes that they have to take. This would make it easier on the student, so that they would not have to worry about getting closed out of classes they need.

If a plan was set up for each student and more sections of each class were offered, then every student would know exactly what they would have to take for each semester and they would not have to try and squeeze into a class that was already full.

How are students expected to graduate in four years? Is it a conspiracy of the University to only offer one of each major course? The University needs to get its act together and concentrate more energy on offering more sections of classes that matter, not bowling.