President Bush is a hero to many Americans

In response to the column by Keith J. Powell called “President Bush is not a true hero” I would just like to point out that he is a hero to others. First Mr. Powell seems to have a more liberal ideology. Neither I, nor anyone else would, expect you to say any positive words about the president. The problem that I had with his column is that Mr. Powell is speaking for the soldiers in the armed forces, stating that the Bush action figure is “an insult to the men and women who have given their lives for this country.”

After this, Keith goes on to insult Bush for being “eager to put on a flight suit.” I’m not sure if you actually watched his carrier speech, but what I saw were thousands of military personnel cheering for their Commander and Chief. I didn’t see one holding a “Buck Fush” sign, or wearing duct tape on their mouths like Martin Sheen. I seem to get a very positive response about Bush when talking to anyone who has served during his administration.

I have yet to hear one person in the military declare that “Bush is a knee to the groin”, as Mr. Powell so eloquently stated. Now maybe you’re right Keith, maybe there is a large portion of military personal who don’t think Bush is a hero. Perhaps they are just being passive, and letting the hippies protest in their stead, but I sincerely doubt it. It appears that Bush is a hero to the military, and that he is not a phony eager to put on a flight suit.

Finally, just a comment on the American causalities remark made by Mr. Powell: Yes, there have been more deaths after his speech on the U.S. Abraham Lincoln, but Bush never said that this wouldn’t happen. He declared an end to major combat operations and stressed there was a long road ahead.

So get the facts of his speeches straight and stop the liberal twisting of what he declared that day. If your biggest complaint about the president is him landing on a aircraft carrier, or getting an action figure; then it looks like there will be a Reagan-esque 49 state reelection win for my hero, President George W. Bush.

David A. Scharfeld