Dress codes target African Americans

Ever wonder why you don’t see many African Americans at Bowling Green’s clubs? The reason for that goes beyond the DJs having the nerve to mix rap and techno. Just about every single dress code restriction these clubs have targets African Americans.

Wave caps, jerseys, jewelry, sweat pants etc. are not allowed at most of these clubs. These are the articles of clothing that African Americans often wear. There are no valid reasons why these clubs would have such restrictions besides the fact that they fear us, and when I say “us,” I mean African Americans.

I have been to some of Bowling Green’s clubs and have oftentimes been told to wear my hat either straight forward or straight backwards. Why is that? Do they think that I can wear my hat a certain way to signify that I am in some sort of gang?

At times, when other African Americans have accompanied me to the clubs, they have been asked to tuck in their chains (jewelry) because the managers of these clubs feel it is a safety issue.

Last year, a friend and I went to Skybar. I was supposedly dressed appropriately so I was allowed to enter. My friend, however, was not only denied entrance because he was wearing sweat pants, but also because he was wearing Fubu. The guy allowing people to enter Skybar explained why Fubu was not allowed. He said there was a fight over a Fubu jersey. After that, no more Fubu apparel was allowed at Skybar.

Who are the main people who wear Fubu: African Americans. The dress codes at the clubs aren’t for safety reasons. They are to keep certain people out.

Jeremy Dubois