LSU looks to its future

It is hard to imagine the University without several key organizations. There are few students who are not familiar with the acronyms such as UAO, USG, LSU, GSS, IFC among others. The Latino Student Union is one of these groups and they do not want to be lost in an alphabet soup of student organizations.

The group is celebrating 31 years of bettering Bowling Green through cultural events and political outcries. During the organization’s annual kick-off luncheon for Hispanic Heritage Month, yesterday, members of the union remembered the past and looked towards the future.

Gloria Pizana, one of the founders of the group and current Co-adviser, and Shelli Holland, senior member, spoke during the luncheon about learning from the past.

“It is amazing how LSU has grown over the years and I want them to keep growing and becoming stronger,” Pizana said.

In 1972, when Pizana along with Bob Reyes and Oscar Heranadez first met in the Student Union they did not realize that they would build a foundation for Hispanic students yet to come.

“It was just great to be in a supportive group like this. I never really thought we would get what we wanted or have anyone hear our concerns,” Pizana said.

The organization credits its self with active participation in the establishment of the Ethnic Studies Department, the formation of the Human Relations Commission, the provision of free legal services to students, the establishment of the cultural diversity requirement for students, the addition of a Latino recruiter to the Office of Admissions and more.

Raquel Colon and Sarah Flores were among the audience members who enjoyed the lecture.

“I think it is interesting how everything goes back 31 years,” Colon said. “I knew Gloria was one of the founding members of the Latino Student Union, but I didn’t really know what they did.”

Following Pizana’s speech, Shelli Holland spoke about the future of the organization.

“We are making great strides for the future and following in past traditions,” Holland said.

Currently the group is working on three goals for the academic year: Family, moving forward politically and continuing cultural programming.

The group put together a list of 26 recommendations for the university to make a better environment for its members. This list is called the Diversity Task Force Initiative. The list of recommendations includes usage of the multicultural lounge, upward mobility among administrators.

“I just wish the other founding members could see what I get to see every day,” Pizana said.