Fall Break has both pros and cons

Many students enjoy the time they get off for Fall Break, however, it is not just a time of relaxation, it comes with consequences and benefits.

While most students look forward to getting out for a short break, it simply postpones the time that we get out before Christmas.

Students like the idea of Fall Break, but are not so fond of the idea of getting out of school two or three days before Christmas. We can’t have it both ways. Teachers especially, from what has been heard do not like the idea of Fall Break because this means that they will be spending a good portion of their Holiday Break grading papers.

Fall Break does give students a chance to relax mid-way through the semester, however, it only adds to the amount of work they have to do when they come back. Many student after coming back are not ready to jump right back into the academic work that they left behind. Even though it is only four days, having Fall Break only means, more work when students get back.

Fall Break also signifies the time of mid-terms, which usually means students staying up late, with their cups of coffee or high caffiene sodas. By this time students feel that they have worked hard that they deserve a break. However, school is meant to test a students knowledge.

There is no sense in coming to college if people are just going to complain about doing work. It is not that simple, especially once college students have to make it in the “real world.”

Not to say that Fall Break is necessarily bad, it just has two sides.

On one hand, Fall Break offers a time for students who have possibly slacked on their studies to play “catch up” and get back on track with their academics. It also gives students a chance to look at where their semester is headed and how hard they have to work to end it with a good grade.

The opposing view is that it is not much of a break once teachers pile up the homework.

From what has been heard, teachers do not like Fall Break particularly due to the fact that they do not get much of a break either and it only leaves more work for them to do over the Holiday Break. Students might think that teachers have plenty of time to grade papers with the time between semesters being almost three weeks; the thing that gets overlooked is the fact that grades come out about two weeks after finals week. This means that teachers have to have everything finished and grades determined so that grades can come out before students come back. Which means teachers do not get to enjoy their Holiday Break all that much.

Therefore the point of this editorial is to understand that while students enjoy the “privilege” of having a Fall Break, it has both its pros and cons.