Parking lots over capacity

After several weeks of discussion, the Undergraduate Student Government passed a commuter parking resolution at the general assembly meeting last night.

John Toman, at-large senator and commuter student, wrote the resolution.

The bill urges the University to prohibit faculty from parking in commuter parking lots.

According to the resolution, the University has 21 faculty parking lots with an estimated 2,038 parking spaces and has 7 commuter lots with an estimated 2,607 parking spaces. In addition, the University has issued 5,493 commuter parking permits and 2,840 faculty and staff permits.

“The bill is basically a blanket–it doesn’t say that faculty are the problem, it’s saying that faculty are part of the problem. The problem is that there are almost 2,500 more passes issued than there are spaces,” Toman said.

Toman said although he recognizes that this resolution will not solve the commuter parking problem, he is hoping that it will alleviate some of the congestion in the commuter parking lots and help commuter students who are trying to get to class on time. The Division of Parking and Traffic is conducting a survey to gather information on commuter parking and to determine other possible solutions to the commuter parking problem. In addition, the Graduate Student Senate passed a similar bill addressing commuter parking issues.

“I think that the faculty like to park right next to where they work, which is fine, but what commuter wouldn’t want to park right next to where they had class?” Toman said.