The Used fans get a treat this summer with the release of Maybe Memories, a CD and DVD compilation.

Since the release of their self-titled debut album last summer, The Used has been quite a buzzed-about band.

The CD features 10 tracks of live and previously unreleased material, including live versions of “Maybe Memories,” “A Box Full Of Sharp Objects,” “On My Own” and “Say Days Ago” from their debut.

Also included is the unreleased track “Just A Little” along with home demos and never before heard songs such as “Could Be A Good Excuse,” “Zero Mechanism,” “Bulimic” and “Sometimes I Just Go For It.”

The live version are of decent quality, but the home demos are a bit scratchy and muffled. But it’s easy to overlook the poor quality considering you are getting a chance to hear The Used a bit stripped down and performing never-before heard songs.

The DVD portion of the disc features 100 plus minutes of sometimes funny, sometimes annoying documentary footage from the band’s early days in Utah to the present. The footage includes personal home movies and live concert performance.

Also included are the full-length music videos for “Box Full Of Sharp Objects,” “The Taste Of Ink,” “Buried Myself Alive” and the brand new “Blue and Yellow.” As an added bonus they’ve included two “making of” segments shot during the “Buried Myself Alive” video as well as “Taste Of Ink.”

Maybe Memories is a must have for the ultimate The Used fan.

— Andrea Wilhelm