Students now have access to Weight Watchers

Students at the University that are trying to lose weight and get fit are now receiving help from the school. The Bowen-Thompson Student Union Multicultural Lounge is currently holding meetings for the Weight Watchers at Work Program.

“Weight Watchers is a plan designed around nutrition, portion control and healthy eating habits,” said a representative of the National Weight Watchers Program.

The program is based on a point system awarded to foods based on their calorie, fiber gram and fat content. Each participant is given a maximum point value they cannot exceed each day.

There is also a moderate exercise program involved, including walking activities, abdominal exercise and weight training.

Weight Watchers at Work is managed just like the regular program, except that registration for a particular amount of weeks is required. Rosa Hanco, the program’s coordinator, heard about the Weight Watchers at Work Program through a co-worker and contacted the area representative to find a team leader to guide the meetings.

“The team leader provides motivation and assists participants in reaching their goal,” Hanco said. The leader is often someone who has successfully lost weight through the Weight Watchers Program.

Although registration is closed for the semester, a new program will begin in January. “We will continue hosting meetings as long as there are participants,” Hanco said. The price for this past fall’s program was $161, due in full upon registration.

BGSU is also helping students get a little exercise through its Lunchtime Walkers program. The Eppler South track will be open to walkers Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. to anyone wanting some afternoon exercise.