Clarett a Wolverine?Better than playing in the CFL

Maurice Clarett put to rest months of allegations and rumors yesterday when he sued the NFL.

This is all in an effort to allow him to enter the NFL draft a year early and make the millions of dollars he supposedly should have been making already.

And while Clarett is confident that he can win the case, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue sees things differently.

“My feeling as a commissioner is that we have a very strong case and that we’ll win it,” he told reporters.

Just in case the commissioner is right, it only seems justified that someone help Clarett find something else to do until the 2005 draft.

The first option Clarett has, and the one most people point to immediately, is that he play in the Canadian Football League. This would enable Clarett to hone his skills against Canada’s finest in a sport the Spanish like to call a certain futbol americano.

Nowhere in there do the Spanish mention anything about Canada.

Yeah, there have been decent players, like Doug Flutie, to come out of the CFL. But I think he would see the same, if not better, competition playing Pop Warner football here in the good ole U.S.A.

But playing Pop Warner isn’t a paying job and wouldn’t earn Clarett the kind of bling his friend LeBron James is flossing.

The next option for Clarett may seem like a bit of a long shot, but why not try working for an insurance company?

It would be kind of like that Vin Diesel movie, “XXX,” only Clarett would be helping Safe Auto Co. instead of the CIA.

The major problem that arises from this scenario is that Clarett will be in the office all day and will have no time to keep in shape.

This would definitely hurt his draft status in 2005.

The most logical way for Clarett to fill his time and benefit both his football ability and his wallet is to go play football for the Michigan Wolverines.

Judging from their suspended basketball program, the paychecks flow like water for their student-athletes. On top of the monetary benefits, this would also be a good place for Clarett to further hone his football skills and give him a chance to go against the team that suspended him in the first place, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

This would kill an amazing three birds with one stone.

Sorry CFL and Safe Auto Co., this Buckeye is going to be a Wolverine next year.