Show some pride in your school

Editorial Staff and Editorial Staff

Looking around campus this week did you notice anything strange?

Did Bowling Green State University become Ohio State University this week?

Students should understand that if they are that big of Buckeye fan and willing to betray their own school by giving up their Falcon pride for a week to root for another school, then they shouldn’t have come here in the first place.

Some people have dubbed themselves “diehard” fans of the Buckeyes. However, if these so called diehard fans are so in love with the Buckeyes then why are they at BGSU?

Maybe it’s the smaller student body that’s attractive, or the surrounding residential community. Regardless of the many reasons we could cite why students may choose the University over Ohio State, one thing has to be said.

Where was the school spirit this week?

Parading around campus with OSU sweatshirts and hats and other apparel doesn’t count as school spirit, because, like it or not, you don’t go to Ohio State.

Following a team and claiming them as a favorite isn’t a crime. But put your dream team aside for one game and root for your school.

Either that or transfer to Ohio State University before Saturday afternoon.

It will look really bad for the University if students in the Bowling Green sections of bleachers on Saturday are wearing OSU apparel.

How can one expect BGSU to do well if students are rooting for the opposite team and the players are aware of this.

The football players will have enough on their minds playing the National Champions as it is, without worrying about lack of support from their own classmates.

After all, OSU already has the home advantage. How would you feel if you were under pressure playing against OSU and looking out in the crowd only to see people on both sides of the stadium in scarlet and gray rather than — brown and orange.

It is understandable that people choose OSU as their favorite team and that is respectable, no one is arguing with that.

However, Saturday is the day that will determine where student’s loyalty lies. Will you really trade your pride in for a cheap bet on a game or support for your favorite team, even if it means going against your own school to do it? Is it worth it?