Opinions should be backed with facts

It is a sad thing that Mr. Sussman displays such an impressive vocabulary yet the inability to write factually or coherently. Mr. Sussman’s article is a humor column but it provides little comfort to the many people at the University who were likely offended by his egregious slinging of mismatched terms and offensive labeling.

While an understanding of world geography and a culinary experience developed outside of shopping mall food courts can not be hoped for in all cases, Mr. Sussman’s points clearly indicate a lack of preparation for this article as well as a blatant disregard for any form of cultural sensitivity.

My qualms number greatly with many of the examples and much of the content in Mr. Sussman’s article, though I will trust in the able and diverse student body of BGSU to work at educating Mr. Sussman on why so many of the statements made were offensive and instead choose to focus on only one area of contention.

The proposed air of elitism which Mr. Sussman has projected on to the many Greek organizations at BGSU simply does not exist. At the heart of every Greek Organization is a dedication to community. Pride in having the ability to pull many people together for common goals is not to be confused with arrogance or elitism, Mr. Sussman, especially toward any of the other community enriching organizations both on and off campus organizations which usually have many members that wear those “goofy scarlet letters” you seem to have such an aversion toward.

You are correct that the information presented on a sweatshirt does not inherently make a person important, but having your own column does make you important Mr. Sussman as it grants you the ability to influence the opinions of your faithful readers. Please do so responsibly.

Whatever your motivations was, this country and your very profession are founded on the right to have and express opinions. Please continue to do so, but consider a more refined approach using informed opinions.