Country album soothes

Rachel Bobak and Rachel Bobak

The nine members of this hometown country band, Last Train Home, leave their audience with an awestruck sensation. The soothing music of Last Train Home gets the listener in the mood for cuddling with a loved one.

Last Train Home includes the impressive lyricist, Eric Brace, and his fellow band members Alan Brace, Kevin Cordt, Dave Van Allen, Martin Lynds, J. Carson Gray, Scott McKnight, Bill Williams, and Doug Derryberry. They create the easy listening combination of bluegrass, country, and folk rock. Last Train Home was part of the anniversary concert for the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Eric Brace, the incredible songwriter, formed Last Train Home. He mixes personal experience with the complications of life. He encompasses others to go out and enjoy life to the fullest.

Last Train’s musical talent is evident after listening to the first track, “Lorelei.” Their inspirational songs have their audience in a better mood almost immediately. The lyrics have a catchy tune and their audience will definitely be humming them all day.

Their lyrics tell a story of pain, remorse, loss, and satisfaction. “All Right Okay”, a gloomy melody, tells a story of a love that don’t share the same feelings. Whether the songs are of Eric Brace’s life, they tell the story of yours as well. The audience can relate with each story in every song.

Eric Brace’s voice expresses the emotions portrayed in his lyrics. His voice conveys sympathy and melancholy. The music blends with the mellow sounds of his low utterances. Eric Brace’s voice has no distinct twang. Most country music vocals entertain a twang. No twang could possibly place them in a lower category or a different genre.

Last Train Home proved their influences evident in their music to many country music fans. Their utmost talent will entertain country music fans or even folk rock and bluegrass fans. With a hint of bluegrass and folk rock, Last Train could be signified in those genres.

The idiosyncratic country band, Last Train Home, is powered by their talented song writer and a musically talented band. They are going to be praised for years to come, of their tell-all stories. Last Train Home definitely has their talent in line for the next big country hit. If you are interested in country music, Last Train Home will soothe your country song needs.

Grade: B+

Last Train Home will be performing at the Black Swamp Arts Festival this weekend.