How about a society of like-minded friends?

I am writing in response to the article entitled, Greek Life is not really Greek. As a President of a Panhelenic Sorority at the University I am deeply offended and found no humor in the “humor column.”

Greek life at the University is a community of National Sororities and Fraternities that promote and organize many campus activities for all students. We are made up of students that are leaders in their own chapters as well as several campus organizations outside of Greek life.

Your article expressed a view that our letters are meaningless. That opinion is far from true. We have never promoted ourselves as better than any other club or organization at the University or any other university for that matter. We would never judge the ideals of any organization or person at the University as we are being judged right now. Nor do we believe in the stereotypes which were presented in your article.

I feel it is wrong for you to say the terms Greek, Jewish and Gay would stand for or hold the definitions of “stupid or ridiculous.” Shame on you and your close-minded judgments.

Although, you may not believe us to be of Greek origins, it does not mean that we do not stand for a similar set of principles and values. The Ancient Greek philosophies, which our organizations are based on, support a passion for life, service to others, philanthropic activities and scholarships. We are not claiming to be of Greek decent, but merely paying tribute to Greek ideals.

Maybe we’re just trying to find an organization where we can be surrounded by like-minded friends and possibly do some good for our community and the futures of those around us.

Cassandra Veres