ID cards useful for food at games

Will Curitore and Will Curitore

I always enjoyed the fact that I don’t have to pay for tickets to a Falcon Sporting event. I just hand them my student identification card, and I’m in, no questions asked!

However, I always questioned why I had to pay for food and beverages when I don’t have to pay for a ticket in the first place.

I understand that I’m probably one of a few with this ridiculosly insane viewpoint, but now it doesn’t matter in the least, because my and everyone else’s wishes have come true with the latest innovation of the dining services plan.

At the beginning of the current semester, many local food service businesses began allowing students to use their IDs to pay for items purchased. The result was an outburst of appreciation from the major majority of the student body.

I can’t guarantee this, and it probably isn’t true, but I’m thinking that based on the response to the new innovation that should have been enacted years ago, and some random person (whom I would personally like to shake hands with) having an epiphany, the use of ID cards for concessions at sporting events was born.

I, myself, have not taken advantage of this financial breakthrough yet, but I have heard nothing but good reports from friends of mine about the ability to pay for concessions, many overpriced may I add, without handing over the green.

There are certain questions that only my anal retentive mind can possibly ponder, such as if the school will benefit financially from this new program. I really shouldn’t though, as it seems that items will cost the same as they always did. Now, their just easier for students to get. Kudos to whomever came up and/or carried this idea out.