Go out, enjoy fun-filled weekend

Bg News Editorial and Bg News Editorial

How many times have you heard the following statement: “There’s nothing to do this weekend!”

Clearly those folks won’t have much room to talk this weekend. Both the Black Swamp Arts Festival and the first Falcon football home game take place.

The BSAF runs from today until Sunday. The Falcons face the Southeast Missouri State Indians tomorrow at 6 p.m. in Doyt Perry Stadium.

Why should students care about attending a football game against a no-name team and/or attend some arts festival?

For starters, much of your tuition money goes to the athletic department. Specifically, every student prepays for a ticket to each home game.

So what if SEMO is an unheralded football team? Big deal if we blow them out of the water by 50 points. This is the first chance to root for our team up close and personal, since not everyone had the luxury of attending the season opener in Norman, Okla.

Even if the game is a blowout, keep in mind that last year’s home opener against Eastern Kentucky began rather unusually. EKU actually scored the first points of that game, despite losing 63-13.

The football game is only one small part of the weekend. The annual Black Swamp Arts Fest runs today (5 p.m.-midnight), Tomorrow (10 a.m.-midnight) and Sunday (11 a.m.-5 p.m). There are numerous music acts, artist booths and food vendors to keep you entertained all weekend.

Several students will go their entire college career without seeing the BSAF with their own eyes. If you are a freshman, take a chance and spend a few hours at this unique event.

The worst social mistake students make is to say nothing ever goes on during the weekends. At this point, they will either pack up and go home for the weekend or stay in their dorm/apartment and drink. Parties are OK once in a while, but it should not be a weekly routine.

Variety is the key to a healthy social life. Even if a student does not particularly enjoy football or has no interest in arts and crafts, now is the time to give these activities a second chance.

If you choose not to attend either the game or the BSAF, go out and so something. The city and surrounding areas have a lot to offer, and our calendar of events has got you covered.

Don’t let this weekend go to waste. Go out and enjoy it — not for our benefit, but for yours. A lot of students, including us, are very stressed out, and this weekend is the perfect release.