Letters for Monday, Sept. 20, 2004

Black Swamp Arts Fest thanks all supporters, volunteers who helped

On behalf of the Black Swamp Arts Festival, I want to thank the players and coaches from the BGSU Falcon Football and Hockey teams, and the members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity who came downtown on Sunday evening to help put away the festival. It was a pleasure to work with you. Through your efforts and great work ethic, you made light work of an otherwise monumental task. In two hours you helped put away what took ten to set up, and you played an important part in serving an estimated fifty thousand in attendance for the weekend.

The Black Swamp Arts Festival is a free event that presents live musical performance and fine art. The festival has grown in each of its twelve years, and has always relied upon the efforts of hundreds of volunteers from the community. By participating, you have continued a tradition of volunteerism, and have shown how BGSU students can contribute while here in Bowling Green. We look forward to working with you again, and want to wish you much success this year.




With Bush and Kerry campaigning, who is running the country?

With as much campaigning that has been going on in recent weeks I am beginning to wonder if there is anyone around running the government.

According to my sources the last time President Bush spent a full day at the White House was August 2, and Senator Kerry has missed around 80 of the votes that have taken places in the Senate. This is rather alarming; it makes me wonder if anyone is around in the government to call the big shots during these perilous times facing our government and society.

Hearing all this information about the two candidates makes me think about the old adage, “The candidates are so worried about keeping their jobs, they are forgetting to do their jobs.”

President Bush has visited 21 states in 44 days and although I do not have exact information on Senator Kerry I am sure the quantity of his visits have been strikingly similar. That is an immense deal of traveling and campaigning.

Just think if our presidential candidates put as much time and energy as they have in campaigning into the day to day running of the government.

If these two men tackled with fervor things such as optimistic legislation, economic growth, national security issues, and other such day-to-day business of the people, how much better off would the country be? After all isn’t what is good for the country what really matters?

Just think if presidents and senators could only be elected to one term. I bet there would be a mad dash to try and enact legislation and reforms that they have meant to get to.

Unfortunately other things (such as keeping their jobs) have gotten in the way.



‘Freshmen’ cartoons are inappropriate, promote sexism

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with the “Freshmen” cartoon series being published on the “Opinion” page of the BG News. These cartoons repeatedly make a joke out of the objectification, stalking and “hunting” of women. These sexist cartoons have no place on the “Opinion” page, or any other page, of the BG News. Not only are they lacking in any artistic value, they are a slap in the face to the many bright and talented young women on this campus.




Column on street names ‘brilliantly’ titled

I am writing in response to the column which ran on your opinion page on September 16th entitled “The rich live on better streets.”

I just wanted to write in order to say that I think this column was brilliant.

People with money do live on nicer streets don’t they! I never even thought of that.

Also, in the hopes of helping produce more columns with titles as inescapably clever as “The rich live on better streets” I thought I might suggest possible titles for future columns.

For example, how about: “Up is the opposite of down” or “Fire is hot” or “Help! I just hit myself in the head with the claw side of a hammer!”

I hope these ideas are useful to you. Keep up the good work.