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September 21, 2023

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Letters for Thursday, Sept. 30, 2004

Announcer needs emotion

Currently, I am a senior and strong supporter of Gregg Brandon and the young men who follow his lead. As a fan of these athletes and a paying student to this university, I feel it is fitting to make you aware of a concern of mine.

One of the biggest disappointments I noticed at our first home game of the 2004 season was the announcing over the loud speaker.

As a freshman at Bowling Green, I can remember the excitement in the announcer’s voice. This was especially apparent when BG got a first down and the phrase “Falcon first down” came out in such a manner that fans would mimic the animation, exaggeration, and exact intonation of the announcer’s voice.

It was obvious from the very beginning that this token phrase had become a fan favorite at the Doyt.

However, on Sept. 11, 2004, this phrase never even got through the front gates of the stadium. When the Falcon’s scored their initial first down of the season, heads turned back to the announcer’s box desperately searching for the one expression they anticipated hearing; however, their anticipation was extinguished when this was not heard.

Even our star wide receiver, Cole Magner, had his name butchered by this announcer.

The new voice of Falcon football lacked the heart and energy of the previous announcer throughout the game. To me, these examples show a lack of preparation and a lack of love for the game and the University. Most importantly, these examples confirm to me the announcer needs to review his announcing style and come back to the Doyt with some excitement and love for his Falcon students, team and coaches.



Republicans do it too

In his letter to the editor on Wednesday, Matthew Fried accuses Democrats of trying to scare the electorate to swing the election.

What Mr. Fried failed to address in his letter, however, was the fact that Republicans have also used scare tactics to attempt to swing the election in their favor.

What about Vice President Dick Cheney saying that if John Kerry is elected, there is a danger “that we’ll get hit again?”

What about House Speaker Dennis Hastert saying that Al Qaeda would do better under a Kerry Administration?

What about Orrin Hatch of Utah; a senator and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee? Mr. Hatch has said the terrorists will do everything they can “to try and elect Kerry.”

The New York Times has called these tactics “An Un-American Way to Campaign.”

Fried decries these scare tactics when used by Democrats, but completely ignored the fact that Republicans are also using scare tactics.

I agree with Fried; scare tactics have no place in this election. But another thing that’s unacceptable is using a double standard.

To think that Democrats are the only ones trying to scare the electorate is not only incorrect, it’s ignorant.



Column raises no real issues

Let me begin by assuring my readers that few people enjoy a well-placed scatological reference more than I do. Thus, it is not a small set of words, but the overall tone of Eoin Howe’s column that motivates me to respond.

The trend of modern politics seems to gravitate more and more toward raw emotion and less toward reason. That’s not to say one should not vote by their principles or conscience.

On the other hand, allowing one’s emotions to be manipulated by lofty rhetoric, scathing personal attacks, mass hysteria at rallies or scare tactics makes for dangerously shaky bases for endorsing or rejecting public policy.

Calling one’s political opponents “dog turds” or “mouth-foaming morons” probably elicits a smile from those who may either agree with him or get a kick out of seeing the word “turd” in what is assumed to be a serious publication. But it provokes no substantive thought, as even an eight-year-old is equally capable of disliking a public figure and issuing an uncreative epithet like “dog turd.”

Above all, it is most ironic to find such content under the title “Discussion of Real Issues is Missing.”

Yes, it was.

I don’t think you’re un-American, Howe; I don’t believe in leveling that charge, either. I just think that, frankly, your column was poopy.



GOP slogan is immature

After recently seeing some of the new shirts the College Republicans have chosen to wear on campus, I had to speak.

They read: “Don’t be a jackass. Vote GOP 04.” I realize they can get away with this because they don’t come out and say “jackass,” but rather cleverly use a cartoonish looking donkey (the symbol of the Democratic Party). But, if you don’t think this is what they imply, you are kidding yourself.

Especially after a couple members of the group confirmed that is what they mean. There are many possibilities for their shirts. “Bush -Cheney 04” would be nice. How about “Vote Republican”? Or even the infamous “W.” But no, we have “Don’t be a jackass.”

Apparently because I believe in a woman’s right to choose, I’m a jackass. I believe religion should not dictate public policy; apparently I’m a jackass. I’m a firm believer in union rights; apparently I’m a jackass. I don’t want to worry about my father being shot at with assault weapons while on the job as a police officer; apparently I’m a jackass.

I don’t appreciate being called a jackass simply because my political opinion is different.

I realize there are numerous places where you can get merchandise that makes fun of Democrats and Republicans alike. But, as a student organization that represents the BGSU community I would hope more caution would be taken when choosing these types of slogans.

I hope the College Republicans and any other group thinking about using these childish methods to spread their message will reflect about how it makes your organization look in the eyes of others.

When someone disagrees with you, don’t resort to name calling.

It’s nothing but immature.



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