BG nightlife is not lacking options

Alex Merced and Alex Merced

Welcome to Bowling Green, a small mid -western college town. Whether you’re a student, a resident or just visiting, you are bound to be out of ideas on what to do.

There are many ways you can find to entertain yourself, either by going downtown, on-campus events or just joining one of the on-campus organizations. Trust me, there is no excuse to have a boring night in BG, unless it’s spent studying.

Downtown BG, is the home of many fine establishments such as Howard’s Club H, Sky Bar, 2 Play and much more. There is something for everyone, especially a music enthusiast.

You’ll find concerts playing downtown most nights of the week at places like Nate ‘ Wally’s, Howard’s, or even sometimes at places like Grounds For Thoughts.

Most of these shows are inexpensive and good times to spend with friends and even hanging out with some musicians. Not all music lovers just want to see a band play, some of us love to dance, and downtown BG can gladly cater to this need as well.

With places like Sky Bar and Uptown, you can go and dance your night away with the occasional theme night and special celebrations. It is always a good time for dancing.

Sometimes, it’s fun to embrace the inner geek in all of us. 2 Play throws the occasional lock-in where one can play arcade games for free all night. I personally recommend going to one if you can, it’s a good way to bring back the feel of one’s childhood.

For movie buffs there is of course the Cla-Zel, an old single-screened movie theatre. Often home to bigger indie films such as the recent showing of “Super Size Me”, it is a fun way to just lay back a chill out. On Saturdays, there is also always a live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture show, which I recommend to do once, as it’s one of the most unique experiences the town has to offer.

Main and Wooster Streets are littered with restaurants, bars, and many other places to spend your night when you got a few extra bucks.

Sometimes we are all out of cash but don’t fret.

There are events on campus any given night of the week at little or no cost. While some events like seeing a play at the theatre will cost you a few bucks, you can bursar it. If that’s still too much, you can catch a movie at the Union most nights of the week. You can go see many free recitals at the music building which are usually entertaining.

There is also the occasional karaoke at the Black Swamp Pub. As usual, all the daily events on campus can be found at “”, which I recommend you check on a daily basis.

The individual resident halls will also put together events which you should check out and get to know the other people you live with.

Not all campus events are open to everyone. There are a lot of events open to only members of certain organizations. This is why I recommend joining an organization. Not only do the meetings help kill a boring night, but they all usually offer cool social events and perks to their members.

Joining an organization like WBGU or the BGNews gives you something to do in those moments of boredom such as writing an articles or screening music for you next show.

For the more religious students there are organizations like CRU or Creed on Campus, who, other than expected Bible study sessions, also offer many cool social events and trips to all sorts of cool places. Sometimes, I’m tempted to pretend I’m religious to partake in the festivities.

Also, there are many organizations for different groups that throw events for everyone all the time like Vision or LSU. I remember last year when LSU threw Latinopalooza, I got some good food and live music and met someone who attempted to teach me and my friend break dancing. There are lots of cool organizations on campus, I suggest you’d get familiar with them and start having some fun nights.

Even if none of the stuff planned on campus fits your fancy, get you friends and plan something. No matter what the case, any night of the week, you can always have a good time downtown or at campus events, or even with your favorite organization. Make every night a fun night. I know I will.