Fraternity gets President’s Award

Laura Collins and Laura Collins

The University is home to the new top Alpha Sigma Phi Chapter in the Nation.

The fraternity was awarded the Grand Senior President’s Award, an award given bi-annually to two chapters of the fraternity that most accurately embody the values and principles of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

Alpha Sigma Phi CEO Drew Thawley said that he expects the University’s chapter to continue to lead for many years to come.

“The gentlemen at Bowling Green continue to set a shining example for the rest of our fraternity,” he said. “They have been significant contributors for many years on both the local and national levels.”

Alpha Sigma Phi President Aaron Shumaker said one of the reasons he thinks the chapter won the award is because they are different from other fraternities. He said that they are more well-rounded than most chapters because they don’t limit themselves to just being great academically, they also are very involved in service and the community, as well as intramurals on campus.

“Winning the award is probably the largest honor that the Alpha Sigma Phi chapter could win, especially because it is only given out every other year,” Shumaker said.

In addition to the fraternity winning an award, Alpha Sigma Phi member Matthew Bowles received an honor as well. Bowles was awarded the Frank F. Hargear Memorial Award, an award given out annually to the undergraduate who best exemplifies the fraternity’s Mission Statement.

The fraternity also received 10 citations for their success in various fields of organizational operations, including The Campus Involvement, Service and Scholastic Achievement Citation.

“These citations indicate that the group is leading the charge toward improving their respective campus and fraternity experiences, and we are proud of their efforts,” said Alpha Sigma Phi’s Director of Leadership Development Ed Lenane.

The Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is the nation’s tenth oldest social Greek organization. The Fraternity has had a chapter at the University since 1950.