University student, Travis Malone, shares gift for theater as director of this weekends’ showing of play

“All My Sons” may be the first play Travis Malone has directed in Bowling Green, but it is only one of the many plays he has been involved with.

Malone’s interest in theatre has led him all over the country.

After he graduated from Kansas State University, he traveled to Denver, Missouri, New England and other parts of the U.S.

In Denver, he directed a show in the venue, Brutal Planet, which is nationally recognized for being haunted.

Malone also spent time working in L.A.

It was in L.A. where he produced creative content (i.e. special features) for DVD’s such as Beauty and the Beast and School of Rock.

Malone left L.A. a few years ago and came to Bowling Green.

“I enjoyed my time in L.A. but also wanted to get my final degree,” said Malone.

As a graduate student, he teaches performance studies.

Maureen Kelly, a sophomore student of his said that Malone is like one of the students and refrains from formal teaching.

“He is very easy to talk to,” said Kelly.

All of Malone’s students are required to attend “All My Sons” which takes place in the Joe E. Brown Theatre this weekend.

“All My Sons” is a script by Arthur Miller, a writer who Malone is very fond of.

Malone believes that the script continues to resonate with contemporary theatre artists and audiences.

“This play becomes especially relevant given the United States’ current military presence in the Middle East,” said Malone.

Directing the play was a challenge for Malone because of little time and money but he had the advantage of a compatible and talented cast.

“I’ve worked with bad casts and bad scripts before, and this was both a great cast and great script,” said Malone.

“I really enjoyed seeing it all come together.”

Shaun W. Moorman, Assistant Production Coordinator, has seen graduate students come and go but has taken a positive notice of Malone.

“He is a phenomenal director,” said Moorman. “Travis brings security to his cast. He understands the stage and the actors and understands what they need from a director.”

After graduation, Malone would like to continue his professional work and pursue teaching.

His wife Becky, is expecting a baby in November and Malone is looking forward to the coming ask of raising his first born son.