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I know that Ms. Leigh makes no bones of her strong loyalty to the GOP, but she does her party and the University a disservice by misstating the control that Teresa Heinz Kerry has over her late husband’s corporation. The following non-partisan web site can clear up some of her incorrect statements: I hope that before she enters the working world of journalism that she at least learns to check her facts before, rather than after, she submits her copy for publication.

I am constantly surprised how students who benefited from the feminist movement of the 1970’s continue to think that women are not allowed to lose their temper and used harsh words. The GOP applauds honesty in Dick Cheney when he tells a member of Congress to “f–k yourself”, yet when Ms. Heinz Kerry uses a much more civilized term like “shove it” she is branded a shrill winch. Maybe we as a society really haven’t come that far after all.

I hope this at least clarifies some of the fallacies currently floating through cyberspace.

Gardner T. Umbarger, III Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University Division of Intervention Services