Sanford Drive cruises into town

Sanford Drive is looking to make an impression on Bowling Green when they open for Evolotto at Nate and Wally’s this Friday with their wide range of styles and unique vocal harmonies.

The band’s sound is taken from “a broad mixture of all of our cumulative influences,” says singer/guitarist Mike Jacobs. “Rock, R’B, jam, little bit of free-form, little bit of indy, it really depends on the song.”

As for the group’s sound, Jacobs says, “Definitely, nowadays, there’s a real lack of true vocal harmonies and we excel at that.

And the fact that we hit up such a broad array of different styles. There’s going to be something that [everybody’s] going to dig.” Sanford Drive is coming to Bowling Green after being invited to open for Evolotto. “I used to live in BG way back in the day,” Jacobs explains, “I saw [Evolotto] and they were pretty excellent. We swapped shows together.” When Evolotto asked if the band wanted to play with them, adds Jacobs, “we said: absolutely.”

Sanford Drive was originally formed in Elyria, Ohio, a city approximately 30 miles west of Cleveland. Liney Woodrum and Ronnie Taylor, two of the three original members of the band both grew up in Portsmouth, OH on a street called Sanford Drive.

The two were in a band together and met up with third member Mike Jacobs during a visit to Elyria. After parting ways for six years and performing with other bands, the three musicians picked up where they left off and formed Sanford Drive. “As if that’s what we were meant to do,” Jacobs reflects.

In the long term, Sanford Drive hopes to own their own recording studio and their own record label. Through that, they want to “be able to do everything ourselves and help other bands along the way,” says the band.

Sanford Drive’s debut album, What it Was, and How It Could Be will be released in early March of this year. There will be a demo album entitled Stuff and Things containing pre-mastered versions of their songs on sale at the show this Friday.

To learn more about Sanford Drive, visit them at or sign up for their mailing list using their e-mail address, [email protected].