Battle of the Recyclables’ puts Conklin at the top

Round two of “Battle of the Recyclables” is done and the winner of this round is Conklin. Conklin residents recycled an average of 8.6 pounds per resident in November. This is over 1.5 pounds more per student than October’s round winner, Harshman.

Although Conklin was tied for fifth place in October, the 8.6 pounds per resident from November have pushed them past four residence halls and into first place as the all-around heavyweight champion with 13.9 pounds recycled per resident.

“I believe the jump is due to the contest results being posted and the spirit of healthy competition that the residents and hall council leaders of Conklin uphold,” Katie McNiff, Conklin Hall Director, said. “I am so proud of the residents of Conklin and the rest of the participating students.”

The top three residence halls have recycled more than 13 pounds per resident over the last two months. Kohl has moved up one spot to second place with 13.5 pounds per resident. Not far behind in third place are the Offenhauer Towers with 13.3 pounds per resident.

The middle-weight contenders are Harshman, McDonald and Rodgers, all in the 12-pound range. Trailing behind is Founders, while Kreischer remained in last place with 10.1 pounds total.

“Everyone really won this month,” Craig Wittig, Recycling Coordinator, said. “Overall, each on-campus student recycled 1.5 pounds more in November than in October.”

Residence halls will battle out four more month-long rounds before the winning residence hall is announced in April. The contest began in October.

“There is a differentiation of less than four pounds between the leader, Conklin, and last place Kreischer, making the game open at this point,” Wittig said.

Numbers are totaled and updated at the start of each month. The scoreboards located in residence hall lobbies display the previous month’s totals, entire contest totals and the residence hall rank.

Students can see how their residence hall ranks by checking the Battle of Recyclables scoreboards, the Recycling Department Web site, or by calling them at 419.372.8909.