BGSU student publishes poetry


BGSU student publishes poetry

Ben Cook , Reporter

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, BGSU student Andrés Colón published a chapbook prize-winning story of poetry and prose entitled “The Matador’s Wife” through publishing company Quillkeepers Press. The book follows the story of a strong female protagonist referred to as the matador’s wife as she explores her femininity, themes of domestic turbulence, experiences from past and present traumas and a desperate longing to find herself.

The poetry takes readers through experiences of perversion and preservation with charged emotions such as desire and anger. 

An anonymous reviewer has already left a 5 star rating on the official Barnes and Noble website that states: “This is a spectacular collection of poetry and prose. It is inspiring to see a writer who can write from the perspective of others. Especially others that are juxtaposed lifestyles and others with different struggles, while still maintaining elements every reader can identify with. After all, next to getting lost in books, don’t we all love finding pieces of ourselves in the book’s characters?” 

The book is currently available in its paperback edition for purchase online through Amazon at a temporarily discounted price of $13.59 plus shipping and through Barnes and Noble for $18.99 with free shipping.