CWGE and Wellness Connection Hosting Body Acceptance Week


CWGE and Wellness Connection Hosting Body Acceptance Week

Makenna Flores , Reporter

The Center for Women and Gender Equity and Wellness Connection hosts Body Acceptance Week at Bowling Green State University on Nov. 14 through Nov. 18. 

Although the week is recognized by the National Eating Disorders Association from Oct. 24 through Oct. 28, the Student Engagement Coordinator for the CWGE and CVPE Kori Koschalk-Newmister decided now would be the perfect time to introduce the initiative to campus. 

“We chose to do so shortly before Thanksgiving break because as we get to the holidays, I think a lot of people start to have a negative viewpoint about their bodies and we want to set everyone up to be in a space that they can feel good or neutral about who they are and where they are in their process,” Koschalk-Newmister said. 

The National Eating Disorders Association said this week is aimed to promote body acceptance, including body positivity, neutrality and liberation. 

Koschalk-Newmister believes people usually think they have to feel positive about their bodies. However, there is also neutrality, where a person does not feel satisfied or dissatisfied with one’s own body and liberation, where a person sees themself as more than just their body.

The inspiration for starting the initiative here was to, “bring some attention just to the concept of accepting your body for where you are in this moment,” Koschalk-Newmister said. 

They will have special events going on throughout the week, including “Give a Compliment, Get a Compliment,” at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union tables on Nov. 16 from noon to 2 p.m., “Intuitive Eating,” with Wellness Connection and the Counseling Center at the BTSU tables on Nov. 16 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and sticky notes with positive messages posted around different bathrooms on campus. 

Students, faculty and staff can keep up with this week’s events, as well as special information pertaining to this week, on the CWGE’s Instagram