New ‘Live and Loud’ episode released

Dawn Violet Todd , Reporter

Falcon Media’s Live & Loud premiered its second episode of the semester with local jam band Toob. The band appeared on the show in support of their debut album, entitled “Friend Friday.” 

Since its release in April 2022, Toob has been making local appearances in the Toledo and Detroit area. The episode was released on Monday, Nov. 21, and features three songs from the band’s album. Each track brings its own unique elements, as having a diverse sound is one of the core tenants of what makes Toob. Even across just three songs, the band showcased their talents in funk, pop rock, and progressive hard rock. Another key element of Toob is improvisation. 

“We’ll never usually play the song the exact same- live show to live show- it’ll always be different,” keyboard player Nick Hendricks said. 

The band’s history extends all the way back to grade school, when the trio of Hendricks, drummer Kyle Harmon, and frontman Dalton York first met. Bassist Ricky Rose met the bunch during their shared high school years in the marching band. A shared love for music brought all four of them together to form the modern iteration of Toob.

Toob’s edition of Live & Loud can be seen on BG Falcon Media’s YouTube channel, and on 

Live & Loud will be releasing another episode with midwest emo rock band Diet Smiles on Monday, Dec. 5.

Additionally, tune in on YouTube on Monday, Nov. 21 at 3 p.m. for a special behind-the-scenes livestream with upcoming featured artist Ellie Hart.