BG holds presentation on tick disease prevention

BG holds presentation on tick disease prevention

Huda Abdalijalil, Reporter

Guests are invited to take part in a presentation about being “tick smart” this Spring. 

On April 12, at 7:00 p.m., the “Be Tick Smart” presentation will be held at the Veterans Memorial Building in City Park, 520 Conneaut Avenue. 

During the event, residents can learn about tick populations, identification of tick species, diseases they can carry and prevention strategies from Ohio Department of Health Public Health Entomologist Leeanne Garrett.

Park visitors are being advised to be cautious when visiting Wintergarden and St. John’s Nature Preserve due to the recent confirmation of the presence of the black-legged tick, as well as the American dog tick. 

Visitors are also encouraged to be aware of the potential risks and to use protection when spending time outdoors. Residents are reminded to conduct thorough tick checks on themselves and their pets after outdoor activities and to wear protective clothing when in parks or natural areas.

It is also important to stay on trails when visiting parks, as ticks are most likely to be found in areas of tall grass, brushy areas or along the edge of roadsides, trails and wooded areas. 

More information on tick identification can be found on the Ohio Zoonotic Disease Program’s website.