Fashionable boots now able to make it through winter weather

Pulse Reporter and Pulse Reporter

While UGG boots have been a popular winter boot for students for several years, a unique recent trend has emerged.

The popular boots now come in various colors, such as pink, blue and purple. They also come in different prints such as zebra and leopard, metallic material and sequins.

Even though the outside may be different, the boots still have the same warm sheepskin inside.

Senior Melissa Crago, apparel merchandising and product development major, said the boots have become more of a fashion accessory than a winter necessity.

“They started out as more of a functional item, but now that they have become so popular, UGG saw an opportunity to make them more exciting,” Cargo said. “People use them more as an accessory than as a functional item now.”

Celebrities who wear print or embellished clothing might be inspiration for the new boot, said Amanda Muhammad, assistant professor in the AMPD department.

“Because of technology, we can see people we admire wearing this clothing,” Muhammad said. “They are just following normal fashion trends from clothing. As the customers demand it, companies react.”

Sophomore Gina Rasicci has a pair of brown sequin UGG boots and says she wears them with any outfit.

“I love [sparkle] things and that’s why these boots stood out to me at the store,” Rasicci said. “I wear them with everything, literally. Sweatpants, yogas and jeans. They’re too comfy not to just slip on.”

The only thing Rasicci said she doesn’t wear them with are dresses because they don’t go with it.

Despite the fact that the boots are able to be worn with any outfit and are warm for the cold, winter temperatures, they may not be efficient enough boots for the snowy weather.

“They are definitely more for show,” Crago said. “They are warm when it is not snowing, but as soon as the ground is wet the water goes right through them. They are not very practical for snow.”

However, Rasicci said she wears them around campus, even in the snowy weather conditions.

“These boots have successfully made it through almost two winters now,” Rasicci said. “Since they have sequins on them, they never get that weird salt stain on them like [original UGG boots] do. Also, I did buy the UGG weather proofing kit, so, before winter comes, I put the protective coat over them.”

Although the popular boots can cost $135 to $225, they are durable and worth the cost, Rasicci said.

“Other boots that are much cheaper never seemed to last for me,” Rasicci said. “They still feel just as good as they did when I first bought them. They were most definitely worth the money.”