App, website allows students to sell clothes for own price, receives 80 percent of profit

Dylanne Petros and Dylanne Petros

Senior Katie Chicotel needed a way to sell her dress and heels without leaving campus, when a friend told her about an app that might solve her problems.

The app is called Poshmark, which was released in 2011, according to a Poshmark press release.

After Poshmark was released as an app, the company made it available as a website called, said Joanna Riedl, Public Relations representative for Poshmark.

Poshmark enables people to sell their clothes and accessories for reasonable prices.

“[Since] Poshmark is primarily mobile, the listing process has never been simpler,” Riedl said, “[People] just take a photo of the item [they] want to sell, write a few words to describe it, set [their] price and within minutes it is on sale in the marketplace.”

College students use Poshmark more than other sites because of how easy it is to ship their items once they are sold, she said.

“[Poshmark] tries to make the sale convenient for you by emailing the shipping information [of who bought your item] to you,” said Chicotel.

Along with sending shipping information, Poshmark sends the postage to the seller so that the sender doesn’t have to worry about the extra shipping price.

“Most consignment places keep 50 percent of your earnings if your items sells so Poshmark only keeping 20 percent is definitely a positive,” Chicotel said.

Another reason Chicotel said Poshmark is a better choice than consignment shops is because sellers can control their price through Poshmark.

“Consignment stores usually devalue items in good shape,” Riedl said.

Many different people will see items that are on Poshmark thanks to Posh Parties.

“[People are] able to share other people’s listings to [their] followers,” Riedl said.

Users can add filters to the photos of the items that they are trying to sell and users can invite their friends to Posh Parties right from the app, according to the press release.

Even though items can be shared to multiple people that does not always mean they will sell fast.

“In my experience with Poshmark if your items sell at all it takes a long time for them to sell,” said Chicotel. “I would recommend Poshmark if you do not need to sell your item very quickly.”

Since registering for Poshmark, Chicotel has only sold her shoes. However, she does plan to use Poshmark in the future.

While Chicotel enjoys the app, sophomore Ali Fisher said she is weary using Poshmark because of the clothing size differences.

“I think it’s something I could do but with my body type I’d be afraid to purchase clothes without knowing if they fit me for sure,” Fisher said.

Although Fisher is unsure if she would buy clothes or not from the site, she believes that Poshmark is something she would recommend to friends she knows would love using the app.

“I believe the idea behind it is pretty awesome and its something I’d recommend to my friends who do like to shop online,” Fisher said. “A lot of friends like using apps I could see them using it.”