Summer fashion reflects retro look

Sam Kelley and Sam Kelley

The summer season may be bringing back looks from the ‘80s and ‘90s, but junior Kristen Marquez enjoys more of a ‘60s look.

“I like the Rosie the Riveter high waisted shorts and bandana look,” Marquez said. “It’s a really fun look to wear.”

She enjoys the shorts, but not an emerging skirt trend.

“Pleated skirts are ugly, they remind me of an old lady or a school girl,” Marques said.

Marlene Olbs, an employee at Rue 21, has noticed a lot of the same ’80 and ‘90s trends.

The store has been selling floral prints as well as tribal and abstract patterns shorts for women.

Some of the color blocking from the ‘90s is returning, she said.

“A customer came in the other day and bought yellow pants and red shoes and said that he would make it work,” Olbs said.

Junior Amanda Pohlman has noticed lots of bright colors lately.

“I like putting together [outfits with lots of colors] because it can create different pieces and is also very versatile,” she said. “It’s just a different look that can go with lots.”

Hairstyles are also changing with the season. A new style that is popular is called the ombre, which is where hair starts dark and goes to light.

“I love the ombre hairstyle because it’s unique and looks cool,” Marquez said.

Even though coloring hair is in, Pohlman has noticed another hair style that she doesn’t agree with.

“I’ve noticed how some people shave a portion or half their head,” she said. “I do not like shaved heads at all.”

While the shaved look may not be for everyone, the new look for the summer is complimented by the ombre look, Olbs said.

“When people have different colored hair, I think it looks good with the different colors and patterns we sell,” she said.

A look Olbs said is in for men are boat shoes because they can be seen worn for causal and classy outfits.

“It’s safe to say many guys will be looking as if they may be heading to a country club this [summer],” Olbs said.

Marquez said she has noticed this look for guys and girls around campus.

“A lot of people wear the Sperry boat shoes, which seem to be more popular,” she said. “I love the fashion that seems to be trending in summer. I like how it’s bringing back old fashions and making them new.”