New facilities, retention are top priorities

Undergraduate Student Government had their first summer general assembly meeting yesterday to discuss their agenda for the fall and spring semesters.

Alex Solis, USG president, said the top two priorities for the group is the renovation of the student Rec center, and further working on the construction of the new interactive learning classroom in Olscamp Hall in order to increase student retention rates. The classroom will be equipped with new furniture, learning areas and laptop charging stations.

“It is a University initiative, we’re at 69.5% retention and we want to get that up to about 85%,” Solis said.

With the University’s plan to have 25,000 students enrolled by 2020, retention is USG’s main priority. Solis said he went through a prototype of the classroom in January.

“This will be interactive, high-tech learning space,” Solis said.

Classes are going to be taught in the room as well, Solis said. The construction of the classroom started a week after finals at the beginning of May and will be done by the start of the fall semester.

Two new officers were also sworn in during the meeting. Evan Colyer is the new Chief Administrator and Seth Ungenach is the new Legislative Secretary.