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September 29, 2023

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Possible Proof of Chemical Weapons Used in Syria

Well into two years of fighting and nearing 80,000 civilians dead, the Syrian civil war has passed the red line the United States put into place concerning the possible use of chemical weapons.

Turkey, a country bordering Syria to the south, has evidence of remains from deployed missiles, along with wounds from possible chemical weapons. Intelligence coming from Turkey also believes the Syrian government has used at least 100 chemical missiles on civilians and the rebel forces, along with cases of people suffering from various injuries from exposure to chemical weapons.

But the most questionable information comes from which side has used the chemical weapons—the government powered regime, looking to keep Syria under their control, or the opposition, who is looking to put an end to the Syrian regime.

One speculation is the opposition has used the deadly sarin gas, but no proof exists. But proof exists in a small town outside of Aleppo, Syria. Civilians have been admitted into the hospital with breathing problems and other complications that can be linked back to the use of chemical weapons. One person is dead, while others suffered from complications.

With the possibility of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, countries involved in the civil war have pushed for Syria’s closest ally, Russia, to intervene. If Russia were to become involved and intervene in Syria, the civil war will surely come to an end. A transition government would be put in place and the country will slowly start rebuilding.

But Russia does not see a need for intervening in the Syrian civil war. A war caused by regime change does not interference by other countries, but thousands have died and millions have been misplaced due to the fighting. The countries surrounding Syria are now housing and taking care of the people who have been chased out of their homelands due to the civil war.

Russia is seeing a change of heart though, since the potential use of chemical weaponry might have occurred. An end will become inevitable if Russia was to decide to intervene and end the war.

But for now, the United Nations fears new mass killings as the regime moves closer to sieging the rebels’ stronghold in al-Qusair while the US and Turkey are discussing ways of ending the civil war in Syria. Their talking points include the transfer of power from the Assad regime to the rebels, which would surely include support from stronger countries, such as Turkey and the US.

Before, Turkey and Syria used to be close. But the ongoing civil war has turned Turkey against the Syrian government. Now, Turkey hosts refugees from Syria, along with searching for ways to end the fight by working with countries like the US and Britain to do so.

Will intervention happen now that the red line Obama has discussed has been crossed?

While any definitive proof of such actions happening, the US isn’t chagrining right into the conflict. Instead, the US and other countries looking to do something about the civil war are meeting and discussing the different ways of intervening.

The US isn’t looking to go into the conflict without anyone else, like in previous interventions. Rather, intervening is a group effort of countries directly affected by the civil war and by countries who have different interests in Syria.

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