Armstrong deserved his punishement

Alexandra Ogonek and Alexandra Ogonek

If the purpose of Monday’s paper was to enrage BGSU students, then congratulations, you were successful. I enjoy Falcon’s Screech, the sports articles and other aspects of Mondays Issue. But this week I found that most of my emotions were targeted at the column “Lance Armstrong’s steroid use unimportant, all athletes use them.”

I found it shocking that the columnist had the audacity to talk about the audacity of others opinions regarding Armstrong and his drug usage.

The beginning of the article includes phrases like “If it were the “Tour de America”, I would be incredibly invested in that competition.” This is contradicted by statements later in the article, such as “Quit ragging on the guy. He’s my hero.”

You have a hero from a competition you are not incredibly invested in? That’s hypocritical.

“[He] will always be a hero and inspiration…he battled and defeated testicular cancer and still found a way to get out there to compete and win. His steroid use is a null point.”

Really? This is actually what you wrote? The way he competed and won after battling testicular cancer was through the usage of STERIODS; Making steroids anything EXCEPT a null point.

If the accusations and evidence are turned over and the investigations change course, proving that Armstrong didn’t use steroids to win, then perhaps people would stop ragging on him.

Armstrong did some amazing athletics when he cycled. It’s a shame he didn’t do it all on his own, so comparing Armstrong to A Dark Knight (and quoting “Batman”/Nolan) is a bit much.

A more appropriate quote would be by Frank Miller stating that “The noir hero is a knight in blood caked armor. He’s dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he’s a hero the whole time.” However, this quote more describes a true dark knight and not Armstrong.

The bit about cyclists who “didn’t take steroids, so had clearly never thought about winning and were the same kids who rode with bells on their bikes” was just astounding.