Red Wanting Blue returns to play at Howard’s Club H

Reporter and Reporter

Picture frames, masks and small owls hanging from wire were a few of the decorations behind Columbus, Ohio rock band Red Wanting Blue performing at Howard’s Club H Thursday night.

Toronto band, Poor Young Things opened the night with a 10-song set list, performing tracks such as “Let It Sleep,” “Blame it on the Good Times” and “Hearts and Minds,” all from its E.P titled “Let It Sleep.”

Red Wanting Blue, which has performed at Howard’s Club H many times before, played songs such as “Walking Shoes,” “Audition” and “Where You Wanna Go.”

Eric Hall, guitarist and vocalist for Red Wanting Blue, said it’s always nostalgic for him to play at Howard’s because of the enthusiastic crowds.

“Everybody there are ready to have a good time and are ready to see a good show,” Hall said. “The give and take form the audience gets me worked up and makes me want to perform better, which makes the overall show better.”

Sophomore Joe Cooper enjoys Red Wanting Blue’s music and said it was his first time seeing the band perform live. He said the band has a unique sound that separates them from other artists.

“I like their sound and style of music,” Cooper said. “They really mix it up between fast songs and slow songs. They’re really good.”

Matt Fratpietro, guitarist and vocalist for Poor Young Things said this has been the first time his band has performed in Bowling Green. He said a college town audience is open to music they perform and gives the band more of a chance.

“It’s cool to play in the States because a lot of Red Wanting Blue’s fans have been really supportive of us,” Fratpietro said. “[Red Wanting Blue is] playing at big theaters instead of little clubs, so it’s definitely been an experience.”

Hall said performing live has to do with a sense of community and connections which impacts both sides of the stage.

“If we enjoy what we write, other people will enjoy it,” Hall said. “Coming to towns like Bowling Green, you see many people knowing the words to our songs. It’s always something positive from the people here.”