Local filmmakers debut movie at Cla-Zel

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Making videos has always meant more than making money to seniors Misha Tot, Keith Kanz and Daniel Estrada.

The Walk of Shame is a YouTube video series Tot directed within the last couple of months.

It will be shown at Cla-Zel during a fundraiser to raise money for United Service Organization, and will be shown Thursday, Feb. 21, following Battle of Bands.

“I don’t want to make money, we do it for fun,” Tot said.

Tot decided to donate the money to USO after they had previously fundraised with their fraternity.

“I tried to talk to Red Cross, but I feel like USO is more personal to me,” Tot said.

The film originally was separated into three videos Tot uploaded to YouTube, and then he decided to transform the videos into one.

In The Walk of Shame series, the main character, Nathan Shame, is dumped by his long-time girlfriend and showed a night of crazy antics following the break-up after meeting Malice Bishop, played by Tot.

Kanz, the cameraman for the videos, said there is “a lot of sex, drugs, and coming of age,” in the film.

“It’s a self-realization, but at the same time it’s really dirty,” he said.

Estrada, an actor in the film, said it is a perfect example of a dirty movie.

This movie portrays anything bad and inappropriate you could imagine, Estrada said.

The group decided to show the video to get their names out there to become better known.

“We want more people to see it, so we decided to see if it could be screened,” Estrada said.

Cla-Zel is allowing the film creators show their movie for free because it is a fundraiser, Tot said.

Banan Alkilani, general manager of Cla-Zel said Tot came to him to ask to show the video because the club is used as a venue for students to premiere their work.

“We have an ideal set-up,” Alkilani said. “We have the theater seating, and then space to have after parties in the same venue.”

Tot said he had to block The Walk Of Shame videos from his YouTube account so people would be interested in coming to Cla-Zel.

“There is a trailer right now,” he said. “I blocked them so people would come and see it.”

The film is being advertised in many different ways.

“We are advertising via YouTube, posters and trying to film new short videos,” Kanz said.

Estrada is excited for how people will react to the video as a whole.

“I am most excited to see people’s reactions and what they think,” Estrada said.

Tot said he is excited mostly to see the negative reactions.

“We want to see how many people get offended and walk out,” he said.

Tot, Kanz, and Estrada had a lot of help from the community in the making of his videos.

“Bobby from BG Carry Out has been really helpful,” they said. “Also, Alex the bartender at Tubby’s has acted for us.”

Other businesses around town have helped make the videos possible.

Since signing a contract with YouTube, Tot said things have not really changed for him and he is happy with the turn out of the film.

After the showing, Tot has another surprise in store for the audience after.

“We are actually making a video like the ‘making of’ documentary on how we made it,” Tot said.

The Walk of Shame cast will be taking any other donations for USO during the premiere.