‘Men of the Strip’ group to perform Nov. 12 at Howard’s Club H

Men of the Strip, a group of eight men, will be performing at Howard’s Club H in downtown Bowling Green on Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Jeff Timmons, member of ‘90s band 98 Degrees, created the group a few years back with Glenn Douglas Packard in order to create a new vision for men.

Packard is a famous choreographer for artists such as Ricky Martin, Usher and Whitney Houston.

While there are eight men in the group, only six will be touring.

Timmons said, of the men who won’t be there, one is focusing on his career while the other is focusing on his job.

“We are a singing and dancing Broadway-type group,” Timmons said. “People may think it is a strip show, but it’s not at all.”

The movie “Magic Mike” gives a negative connotation to the group, he said.

The tour will be traveling to places such as Texas, New York and Florida.

“It will be great to see people that once were my younger fans when I was [more invested] in 98 Degrees,” Timmons said.

The group will be performing multiple dancing and singing routines that may jog fans’ memories, he said. A meet and greet will be offered afterward as well.

Going on tour is not the only thing Men of the Strip will be providing fans with.

“We are working on a TV show called ‘Men of the Strip,’” Timmons said. “It will showcase what we are about.”

Tickets are available online.