Students start own business, work toward professional career

London Hollins and London Hollins

Instead of only working on homework and going to class, many students are busy establishing their own businesses.

Students throughout the University have started their own business ranging from simply raising war awareness to having their own clothing line in order to head-start their career.

Sophomore and business major Chelsea Burbridge launched a chapter of an organization called Falling Whistles at the University. The business is a sub organization under Net Impact, which does projects throughout college campuses and local communities. Falling Whistles is to help raise awareness by selling whistles to help end the war in Congo, which is currently the biggest war going on, but there is little recognition about the war.

Burbridge said she wanted to start the chapter in Bowling Green because she was interested in how the people were connected to the organization.

“After attending the leadership conference, I was inspired by the people and what this represented,” Burbridge said.

Although Burbridge’s “Falling Whistle” business is focused on raising awareness for things such as war, other student businesses are open to serve other purposes like fashion.

Senior LJ Sham started his business Kollege Swag. The apparel from the Kollege Swag brand is for both men and women, with certain styles and colors fitting for each. The brand sells mostly clothing and its initial goal is to raise money for other campus organizations and for charities. Sham said he started the business in order to promote higher education in inner cities.

“The initial inspiration was college funding and to unite people from other colleges and different walks of life,” Sham said.

Another clothing business that focuses mainly on today’s latest fashion comes from junior Tyler Jones’ business called Never Nameless.

Never Nameless is fairly new starting about a month ago and said the name is centered on how people perceive you.

“You make up your name, what you do and how you act determines what people call you,” Jones said. “I’m passionate about fashion and I’ve always had my own style and what better way for someone who has their own style than to come out with their own line.”

With the Never Nameless brand, the apparel is not targeted to any specific demographics. It is for any and every one to purchase.

If interested in seeing any of the above products or to ask general questions, contact information is below.


Chelsea Burbridge – Falling Whistles – Email: [email protected]

LJ Sham – Kollege Swag – Email: [email protected] // Instagram: @Kollege_Swag

Tyler Jones – Never Nameless – Email: [email protected] // Instagram: @Marcel_Jones22