USG workshop Monday helped members to learn more about their job, in place of weekly meeting

Imagine students being able to take workshops involving what is required of them.

This is exactly what the Undergraduate Student Body did Monday night. USG has meetings every Monday, but is allowed one Monday off per month. Instead of taking a break, the USG President, Alex Solis, decided to plan a workshop to teach members several things about the job of a USG member.

“It is a professional development series for USG members to brush up on basics,” said Solis.

This is the time they chose to not have a meeting and instead they are going to use it for learning, Solis said.

In the workshop, there were several things members learned about.

“They will be learning about communication, professional development and a 101 on legislative writing,” Solis said. “This will be an opportunity to take advantage of peer to peer learning.”

Speaker Katie Post was the point person for the workshop, but she will be tapping into others to lead the sections, so there will be opportunities to see other leadership roles, Solis said.

The workshop was 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. and was optional for members to attend. It was hosted in Union 308 and each section was 20 to 25 minutes in length.