Falcons travel to Buffalo for conference game

BG heads on the road to Buffalo, N.Y. to go against the University of Buffalo this Friday; this will be their fifth straight road game and the last one before finally heading back home to play the next three games.

Last week BG went against Marshall on Friday and Northern Kentucky on Sunday, leaving both schools in a double overtime draw, Marshall 1-1 and Northern Kentucky 0-0.

The Falcons have showed excessive effort in each game and they have also enhanced on both sides of the field and have been putting up a fight in each game. BG left Marshall tied at 12 attempts at a goal and left Northern Kentucky leading the attempts at a goal 17-13.

“We have been playing really well, we have been defending very well, and we have been creating chances so we don’t want to really do anything different from what we have been doing besides the obvious which is get a goal or two” said Coach Eric Nichols.

The Falcons have not let them being on the road the last four games change up the way they prepare for the games mentally or physically.

“We treat all games the same, it’s just focus on that game like it’s a championship game, we look at one game at a time” said Sean Sikich.

While preparing to head to Buffalo the Falcons fell that they need to continue to put pressure on their opponent and to continue to create chances.

“Defensively our main focus is to continue to lock our opponents down and we have done a really good job of that” said Nichols “We know that we will be successful if we conceive less than a goal a game and on the attack we plan to continue to generate chances and have some special moments where we score them”.

BG is looking to get their second win of the season and hopes that eventually they will find that one thing that is missing to their offense and be able to make the many goals that they attempt to make a game.

According to Brandon Silva, BG will be able to win this upcoming game if they “continue to shut out our opponent in defense and between the back four and mid-field our goal is to keep them off the board and do whatever we have to do defensively to make that happen”.

This will be the Falcons second MAC opponent this season; they have lost against their first MAC team Akron on Sept. 21, and go against their third and final MAC opponent for the scheduled season on Nov. 2 against Western Michigan.

The Falcons will be ending their five game road trip this Friday at Buffalo at 7p.m.