USG fills senate seats, first full cabinet since this past year

Starting Monday night, the Undergraduate student body will see a full cabinet in student government, which has been a work in progress since the beginning of the school year.

“The last two [senate seats] will be confirmed on Monday to all be full,” said President of Undergraduate Student Government Alex Solis.

Since Solis came into office, he has created new positions in order to help spread the responsibility between the members involved with USG.

“We have created two new positions last year,” he said. “We now have a lot of new people with a lot of new ideas.”

Solis filled the senate in his last term as well, when he served for the first time this past year, but others in the past haven’t been able to fill all the positions, Solis said.

“Senate is a revolving door,” he said. “It’s really hard to keep a full senate. Last year, we filled the cabinet by mid October, but people had to drop out because of class schedule conflicts.”

However, Solis is confident this year won’t be a repeat of this past year’s dropouts.

“Looking around the room in the meetings at people at the table,” he said, “I’m confident these are the people we will finish the term with.”