Robert Piasecki to fill in for Greg Robinette as fourth ward

City council discussed and held a nomination for a new council member at its meeting on Monday night.

A total of six people each gave a three minute presentation to the council and audience members to secure the position of the Fourth Ward.

First Ward coucil member Daniel Gordon said the position includes the remaining six months of Greg Robinette’s term from now until December, as Robinette took a leave of absence from council because of his active duty in the Army Reserves.

After a 5-1 vote from city council members, resident Robert Piasecki was nominated to fill in for Robinette for the remainder of the year.

“It’s exciting; there were more candidates than expected,” Piasecki said. “It’s interesting to see so many people interested in the council [decision].”

Gordon said the length of the term for the Ward positions are two full years, while the At-Large positions are four years for each active city council member.

There will be a final nomination for the full position of the Fourth Ward in November.