Furniture delivery system makes move in day less stressful

The nightmare that many students endure on move-in day might be over, thanks to senior Krysten Jablonowski’s great new business.

Moving into the resident halls can be hectic and stressful. Waiting for elevators and putting together dorm furniture can be exhausting for any student.

The chaotic experience caused Jablonowski to recall her experiences when she moved into the campus residence halls.

“I remember move in day being very hectic and very hot,” Jablonowski said. “It was a crazy experience.”

Not only was actually moving the furniture into her assigned hall overwhelming, but not feeling fully settled into her new home also created a stressful experience.

“I always felt like I was continuously moving stuff into my room,” Jablonowski said. “I never felt like I was settled in.”

The experiences Jablonowski had with moving into residence halls cause her to discuss ideas with her friend that could help make the process easier for other students.

A few years later she was able to receive funding from “The Hatch” after presenting her idea to potential investors.

“The Hatch” gave nine students the chance to pitch their business ideas to five investors who chose the ideas they wanted to fund.

After her experience with “The Hatch,” Jablonowski became an entrepreneur of a business called “Cribs on Campus”.

“Cribs on Campus” allows students to purchase microwaves, futons and mini refrigerators and have them delivered to their rooms before they arrive.

Jablonowski has a website that was presented during freshman orientation that works like Amazon. Students place the item they want delivered in a cart and buy the items themselves and Jablonowski will deliver them.

“When you get here on move-in day, the last thing you want to worry about is putting together a futon or carrying huge pieces of furniture,” Jablonowski said.

Now that her business is up and running, Jablonowski focuses on creating a stress free experience for students moving into the halls, especially incoming freshmen.

“Freshmen make up the majority of the on campus population,” she said. “Reaching out to them during [their] orientation is especially important to me.”

Senior Clair Hamberg likes the idea of having a stress free experience when moving into the residence halls and wished this existed when she lived in the dorms.

“It would have saved me a ton of stress from moving the furniture in and out by myself,” Hamberg said.

Trips to Wal-Mart for futons wouldn’t be necessary because it could already be in your room.

It’s a great idea because even though dorms have some necessities, it would be nice to not have to worry about moving furniture to your room that isn’t provided, Hamberg said.

“Cribs on Campus” would also allow the cars of students and parents to have less clutter as they travel to the University in order to move in.

“It’s less stuff you’ll have to pack and move up to your room,” Jablonowski said.

However, senior Britney Balduf thinks that moving in some of the furniture for students may take away the experience.

“It would be good for [students] to have the actual experience of moving in themselves,” said Balduf.

Despite the different opinions that “Cribs on Campus” may bring, it continues to become well known by both students and parents.

Many parents and students question why this idea wasn’t thought of earlier in order to relieve them of the stress that comes with moving into the residence halls, Jablonowski said.

As the business becomes more popular Jablonowski looks forward to expanding her business to other colleges.

“I’m hoping it’s very easy to pick up this idea and move it to a different college or university,” Jablonowski said.

She hopes to encourage students who have ideas to talk with the instructors of the entrepreneurship program because the University has great opportunities that allow ideas to become a reality.

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