The book that changed my life…

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By Cassie Sullivan, Forum Editor

As much as a cliché it is to say the book that changed my life was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” by J.K. Rowling, I have to say the book and the series as a whole changed my life.

When I was younger, I didn’t like to read. I struggled to read. My mom tried everything to get me to read, not having success until she gave me the “Harry Potter” books. Between “Harry Potter” and the ever going plethora of “Nancy Drew” novels I could find, I was a reader.

Not only was I a reader, picking books up, but also a budding writer. I wanted to write my own stories. I wanted to expand my world.

Now, I’m a reader, a writer and a dreamer of many magical worlds.

If it says anything, my first tattoo says “Mischief Managed.”

By Amber Petkosek, Social Media Editor

The “Little House on the Prairie” series affected me a lot when I was younger. My mom bought me the whole series for my ninth birthday, and this is what started my love of reading. Prior to these books I had a lot of trouble making myself sit and read a book, let alone a series of books. These books also caused me to become much more imaginative; growing up living on a farm I used to run around and pretend that I was Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I was moving in a covered wagon. After reading this series I moved on to reading more series of books, as well as individual books. It caused me to go from not being able to read a chapter of a book, to reading a book in one sitting. These days I can’t find much time for reading between work and school, but someday I will take the time to re-read them all. Once I have kids of my own, I will definitely take the time to read these books with them.

By Bridjet Mendyuk, Editor-in-Chief

Some might know him as the drummer of Nirvana or the lead singer of the Foo Fighters or even the elusive drummer of Tenacious D, but I like to think of Dave Grohl as the Superman of punk rock. After reading his biography, “This Is a Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl,” and realizing how much be does for others, it made me care more about my friends and the people around me. Grohl might be famous, but he still plays garage tours and is one of the most modest musicians out there today. Their last album, Chasing Light, was even recorded in Grohl’s garage. He also doesn’t put himself above others, especially at shows where he has been spotted dancing in the crowd with everyone else. He even helped out a fan that was proposing to his girlfriend at his concert by bringing them on-stage. After hearing the trapped coal miners in Tasmanian listened to the Foo Fighters while underground, he went to visit them for a drink. The guy even gave his waitress a $1,000 tip. This guy is one of my role models and while I’m not a musician, I think others should strive to be like him.