Wood County Health District finds no violations in bars upon inspection Monday

No bars were found to be in violation of the building code upon a Sept. 9 inspection from the Wood County Health District.

The Attic was not found to be in violation of access as the manager told the health district that underage patrons are allowed to use the toilet downstairs, said Kelly Bechstein, sanitarian for the health district.

The manager was quoted in a Sept. 9 issue of the BG News saying that underage people were not allowed downstairs because the City Tap was a 21-and-over bar.

Bechstein asked for that proof in writing from the owner.

Both Shots Inc. and Nate & Wally’s were found to have soap and toilet paper dispensers upon the inspection Monday afternoon as well, she said.

“They knew I was coming,” Bechstein said, as the health district called the management of the bars this past week to set up a meeting Monday. “They might not have [those amenities available] at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., but it’s hard to do an inspection at that time.”

As of now, no administrative action will be brought Shots Inc, The Attic or Nate & Wally’s, noted for violations in The BG News article, she said.