‘Radio Rosco’ keeps singing


Mikey “Rosco” Blair, an artist known for the “Stroh Center Rap,” continues to create music about his career and the University.

Pulse Reporter and Pulse Reporter

Known for his rap song about the Stroh Center, Mikey “Rosco” Blair has been writing new songs and releasing videos on the Internet to try and get his name more widely known.

Blair’s “Stroh Center Rap” had received national attention from ESPN and has more than 180,000 views on YouTube. Blair wants to pursue his passion for rapping after he gets a degree in Telecommunications. He has 10 new songs out now, including the songs “Grinding” and “Mission,” he said.

“I usually write songs based on how my day is going or what is going on and how I feel,” Blair said. “I use my music and lyrics as my rap diary.”

Blair creates videos with freshman Kevin Cedar, on camera, for the songs. The development of video ideas consist of creating basic concepts that reflect the lyrics of a particular song and brainstorming with Cedar to see what fits the best.

Cedar has been filming as a hobby since he was in high school and has won awards for his work such as: a gold medal for TV/Video production for the state of Ohio, first place in the Black Eyed Peas National Video Contest and the top 30 videos for the No Bull Challenge in the United States. After hearing the “Stroh Center Rap,” Cedar said he instantly became a fan of Blair and the two have built a friendship since then.

“{Blair and I} all meet together and we’ll discuss it and all put our creative ideas together,” Cedar said. “We’re not recording anything right now, but I plan on making more videos with him.”

Blair wants to make another video showcasing what University life is like by featuring Freddie and Frieda and University President Mary Ellen Mazey featured in the project. He said he wants to show how fun it is to be living in the college atmosphere.

“We want to take our time with it and it’s going to be out before the end of the semester for sure,” Blair said.

Junior Jeff Heidelberg is a fan of Blair’s music and is excited to hear the new songs in the future. He said he respects him because he is chasing after his music dreams.

“The fact that he has some buzz around him right now, who knows where this guy will go in five years,” Heidelberg said. “He’s just a sociable guy.”

Blair’s music is available on YouTube under the name of “Radio Rosco” and on SoundCloud as well.

“This is something that I really thank the school for the support of,” Blair said. “Anyone who wants to pursue a career, keep working and keep pushing because you never know what could happen.”