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September 21, 2023

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Summer lets students relax, focus on educational hobbies

By this point in the summer I have usually developed my daily habits to fit my schedule when I’m not working or going out to do various activities with my family and friends.

What I do is something I really can’t do during the school year. Well, I could, but then I’m plagued by guilt for not using my time to finish homework or papers that seem to chase me throughout the semester. I get one assignment done just to be plagued by another assignment. Then sometimes, I have two papers going on at the same time.

But during the summer, I can read fiction novels and write. These two activities I don’t have time to do during the school year—time just doesn’t allow it. I could take time out of my day to do either activity, but it’s hard to when the length of a reading is 100 pages or I have to type 1,000 words; it can take anywhere from an hour to a whole evening, which I can do at home.

Summertime also allows me to catch up on books that have been published during the school year that I did not take time out to read. While one or two new novels were a must read the week they came out, others were not. I didn’t know about their releases or I wasn’t willing to buy the books when I know I could get these books for free.

I also have time to go back and pick up books that I haven’t been able to get since they came out. The libraries near home didn’t order the book I wanted physically or digitally. But a year later, I have the book checked out and ready to read.

Also to diversify what I’m reading besides picking books up off the shelf, my local library has blind dates with books, which allows you to pick up a book that’s wrapped up in brown paper. You check it out and then open it to see what you picked up. To me, it’s a lot like Christmas, since you have no idea what you’re about to read.

Much like reading, writing also took a backseat to school work and working. When I’m bored or when I want something to do that puts my mind and imagination to work, I write what I would like to read.

I know no matter what, writing is writing. I write papers for class and I write columns for the newspaper, but creative writing is something special. My dreams don’t get read unless I want them to be read, I can break all of the conventional rules if I want. I’m not judged unless I want to be.

Creative writing is my own. I can spend my evenings crafting the best 1,000 words I want, to the point where over the past month I conceived a 25,000 word story that hasn’t even met the middle yet. But it is close to starting the journey to the high end of the plot. I don’t have to rush it unless I want to and I don’t have to keep it within a word limit.

This project makes up for what I missed in November.

Every November, National Novel Writing Month starts. With my schedule and unwillingness to put aside everything else to work on, I skipped NaNoWriMo and the challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days.

I didn’t have the strength. Now that I do, I am writing to my heart’s content.

But I’m doing it now. I’m also more willing to watch a little television (but not a lot). I’m going to start researching the language I’m taking in the fall, vegetarianism and schools in England for my future. I’m also going to be writing my columns.

If you’re at home and not doing much to stimulate yourself over the summer, read a book or open a Word document. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

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