Board of Trustees approves fight song, dean, renovations

While the protest to the faculty cuts overshadowed much of the Board of Trustees meeting, it was able to pass several items on Friday.

Among these included the appointment of a dean to the College of Health and Human Services, the approval of an official fight song and the approval of old campus renovations.

The board appointed Marie Huff as the dean of the College of Health and Human Services. Huff is a professor at West Carolina University. Huff will also have tenure in the Department of Human Services.

The board approved Ay Ziggy Zoomba as an official fight song of the University along with Forward Falcon and approved amendments to parts A, B-I and B-II of the Academic Charter.

The amendments eliminate any redundancies and conflicts that are also found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement passed in May. The CBA will prevail in these instances, according to the resolution.

The board also green-lighted South Hall renovations, the future home of the School of Media and Communication.

William Bachelder, speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, was in special attendance at the meeting and addressed the board.

“The legislature, as you know, and the governor [John Kasisch] have been extremely pleased with the steps you have taken on this campus,” Bachelder said. “Thank you for all your sacrifices.”