Greek Weekend allows fraternities, sororities to bond, create new members

Alex Traczyk and Alex Traczyk

Chapters from each council of Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University came together on Sunday to celebrate the ending to Greek Weekend at the lip syncing and dance competition Greek Sing.

Greek Weekend is all about different fraternities and sororities coming together in randomized teams with a specific theme and celebrating being Greek together.

Groups were chosen at random to be partnered together to compete in the contest.

Coming together as a community was a big reason why students were interested in participating.

Vice President of Standards for the Panhellenic Council Chani Fordyce said that Greek weekend reminds them why they chose to be Greek.

“My favorite part of Greek Sing is the energy,” Fordyce said. “You can literally feel the energy from everyone in the room.”

Greek Sing began with the head members of Greek Fraternities and Sororities recapping the whole weekend and explaining the rules of the competition.

Before the actual competition began, the Greek house directors showed off their own moves for the audience to get the ball rolling.

Throughout the evening of enthusiastic dances, awards were also given.

Awards such as the New Member of the Year Award, the Faculty/Chapter Adviser of the Year Award and the Academic Excellence Awards were just some of the awards presented.

Senior and active member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Sean Kennedy said his love for dancing and experience last year were reasons why he participated again this year.

“Our fraternity really stepped up with our involvement, so I thought it was a great time,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s group Team Wilson, which included his fraternity, Omega Phi Alpha and Chi Omega, did not place, but he has no regrets from their performance.

“Us, Omega Phi Alpha and Chi Omega didn’t really talk as much as we do now, and we probably wouldn’t have without Greek Sing, so coming together was cool,” Kennedy said.

Even though every group couldn’t win, all of the people in the audience cheered each other on showing their support.

After all of the groups performed, there was a moment where the audience had the chance to pick their favorite performance by texting their number to the council.

The people’s choice winner was a team including Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Beta Phi and Delta Sigma Theta whose theme was Around the World.

Delta Chi member Andrew Seibt, participated both this year and last year in Greek Sing and had fun both times.

Seibt wasn’t happy about losing, but he said that the teams that won and placed deserved it.

“You work so hard for something and even if you don’t win, it’s still very rewarding,” Seibt said.

Doing Greek Sing is good for making connections with other fraternities and sororities, he said.

At the end of the competition, awards were given for the overall Greek Weekend winners and the winners of the Greek Sing competition.

The winners of Greek Sing were Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Gamma, Phi Beta Sigma and Delta Tau Delta.

The winners of the overall Greek Weekend were Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Beta Phi and Delta Sigma Theta.

“No matter what our letters are, we are all Greek together,” Seibt said. “It’s good to show that we have support for everyone, not just our specific chapter.”


Changes were made in this story to reflect the proper winners of Greek Weekend and Greek Sing.