BG Delivered continues to serve, plans for future changes

Seth Weber and Seth Weber

Since starting last summer, BG Delivered has seen success in the community.

Co-owner Cody Peacock said business has been so good it has made it difficult to respond to calls.

He said they sometimes get so many calls that they aren’t able to answer all of them, which is something he wants to work on.

One of Peacock’s goal is to make it open sooner, as BG Delivered currently opens at 4 p.m.

Peacock said he tried to open earlier in the fall, but there wasn’t a demand during those hours, so he didn’t continue with it.

However, Peacock said the service did especially well during the winter because of the cold.

“People didn’t want to go out,” Peacock said. “We doubled the orders when we got snow.”

Some of the largest amount of deliveries have been from Taco Bell and Buffalo Wild Wings, he said.

Co-owner Mallory Peacock said the elderly are a group of people the business has been serving almost daily.

“[Serving the elderly is] another market we’re trying to tap into,” Mallory said.

She said people in the community have supported their business, and have shown their support by making recurring orders.

Mallory said she is interested in expanding to other campuses.

“There’s a lot of cities that don’t have anything like this,” she said.

While BG Delivered doesn’t currently deliver alcohol, Mallory said the business is looking for that to change.

She has looked into the requirements and found it’s not difficult to get licensed.

“It’s not as complicated as you would think,” she said.

The problem, however, is having drivers who are of age. Mallory said the service has a lot of “great drivers” who aren’t all 21 years old, which causes a set back.

Although delivering alcohol is a possibility, Peacock said the service will most likely never deliver Chipotle.

He said BG Delivered has a “lifetime ban” from the restaurant because the manager said he doesn’t want them there.

Peacock said the manager said what they were doing was illegal, although Peacock said it “clearly wasn’t.”

Mallory, however, said this issue was a “blessing in disguise” because the lines were so long that the deliveries often took a long time, upsetting customers.

Brooke Thompson, an employee of BG Delivered, has been working for the business since September and thinks the business has a positive impact on the community and customers continue to grow.

“I think it’s really beneficial and other campuses should look into it,” she said.